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Mass Glass Dish

Normann Copenhagen

  • 9500

A circular block of solid, transparent glass, Mass Dish is a design with a contemporary feel that illuminates the simplicity and beauty of the clear glass material. The thick composition of the dish highlights the sturdiness of the material, while the transparent glass provides a light and airy expression, making Mass a design full of contrasting elements.

Seemingly simple, yet unique, Mass Dish distinguishes itself from classic dishes and serving trays with its distinctive glass composition. The simplistic object is designed for everyday use and can be used for whatever the heart desires. Enjoy it as a decorative object to admire, as a tray for precious jewelry pieces, or use it for serving food. Whichever way, Mass takes on a sculptural, artistic appearance on the dining table, in the windowsill or in the bedroom. By Normann Copenhagen.

Product Info

Material: Solid glass. 


 17 cm D x 4 cm H

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