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The Swedish Wool experts since 1879. Klippan loves wool for many reasons. It is climate smart, sustainable, good for your health, durable and a biodegradable natural material. Production of Klippan's wool blankets is done completely in-house where they can ensure the highest quality results - spun, dyed, warped, woven, and brushed in their own factory in Sweden. Resulting in beautiful textiles of high quality, produced with the greatest care and respect for the environment. 

Very early on Klippan took a conscious decision to focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable practices to create their textiles by using natural materials, carefully chosen based on quality and animal welfare, and taking no shortcuts. All Klippan's throws and blankets are manufactured in their own Oeko-Tex certified factory where every stage of the process ensures the highest quality results. Klippan is proud to produce products that are a safe, environmentally friendly and a sustainable choice.