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Tableau Coffee Tables


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Available in three versions, the Tableau series in stone makes for a subtle, yet striking statement. This permanent table is made in Dark Atlantico – a limestone with a beautiful natural surface and warm colour tones in umbra grey shades. Part of the intriguing nature of this limestone is the subtle, possible aspect of fossils. Designed by Space Copenhagen for Fredericia.

Product Info

Material: Fixed position coffee table made from Portuguese limestone. Table top of limestone, reinforced underside with metal web. Base of intersecting limestone plates. Table to be assembled on site by professionals. Please inquire for finish samples.

Care: In general, avoid marble and limestone coming into contact with acid-based solutions and acidic cleaners (such as vinegar, lemon juice, etc.), as these can leave permanent stains. Limestone and marble are natural materials known for their exclusive look. No two surfaces are alike. Sand holes, glass veins and porosity can often occur on the surface. All are characteristic features and indications of real marble and limestone. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth that’s been dampened with warm water and wrung out. For persistent dirt, natural soap shavings without added chemicals can be added to the warm water. However, this will not remove marks or stains that have penetrated the surface. 

Guarantee: Fredericia Furniture A/S offers a five-year guarantee against manufacturing defects in standard products (materials and construction). Wear and damage to covers, surface treatment, inappropriate use and the like are not covered by the warranty.



100: 100 cm L x 100 cm W x 40 cm H

140: 140 cm L x 140 cm W x 40 cm H

round: 100 cm D x 40 cm H

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