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Plan Table Extendable


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The Plan Table Extendable is designed for flexible collaboration spaces, restaurants, and private homes. While conventional extension tables are fitted with rather complicated extension mechanisms, the Plan Table extension table has aimed to simplify the tool as much as possible – with the principle that reducing complexity prolongs a product’s life. The newly developed Fredericia extension mechanism runs without wires and can be easily handled by one person. It allows for two additional seats or just a convenient extra space to be added to the table. The extendable top surface is stored under the table while not in use. From Fredericia.

Product Info

Material: Brushed or powder coated tubular steel base, tabletop in nano laminate or solid wood. Mounted with plastic glides. No felt glides available. Please inquire for finish samples.

Care: Soap treated wood is a lot like untreated wood, characterized by the beautiful patina, which is created over time. Oiled wood will develop a natural patina that will become more beautiful over time. Maintenance may be required to maintain both finishes. Laminate is a highly durable material with hardly any maintenance necessary. Do not use cleaning agents such as wire wool, scouring powder or similar products.

Guarantee: Fredericia Furniture A/S offers a five-year guarantee against manufacturing defects in standard products (materials and construction). Wear and damage to covers, surface treatment, inappropriate use and the like are not covered by the warranty.


200/260 cm L x 100 cm W x 73 cm H

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