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Moire Vase

Ferm Living

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The Moiré Vase is inspired by the graphic effect that occurs when the organic and geometrical clash. The vase has been created through a process of 3D printing clay, resulting in thin layers that have gradually formed a subtle pattern across the body of the vase, revealing its digital origins. Use it to display your favourite seasonal flowers or branches, or let it make a statement all on its own. Large size in off-white, small size in anthracite colour. From Ferm Living. 

Product Info

Material: Stoneware. Unglazed outside. Glazed inside. Registered design.  Marks and variations in the clay may occur due to the natural raw material and production technique.

Care: Rinse in lukewarm water.


large: 19 cm W x 30 cm H x 12 cm D

small: 16 cm W x 20 cm H x 13.5 cm D

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