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Manikhin Playing Cards

Normann Copenhagen

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In response to the notion that the world is too serious and short on humour, Roma Manikhin gives us a dose of satire with his saucy deck of playing cards created for the Normann x Brask Art Collection. A burlesque circus of 54 seductive acts adorns the playing cards, inspired by burlesque shows, sailor tattoos, erotic postcards and a late 18th century mood. Although the cards provide us with an unpleasant reminder of the stereotyped sexual portrayals of women, one cannot help but smile when presented with this bizarre and enticing world. From Normann Copenhagen.

The Moscow-based artist Roma Manikhin is known for his humorous and erotic universe, which he uses to address themes of marginal sexuality and the fetishism of sex.

Product Info

Material: 54 playing cards in 330g paper, textured and with a plastic coated surface. Paper packaging with a sticker closure.

Cleaning: Wipe carefully with a soft cloth.


6.5 cm x 2 cm x 9 cm H

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