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Kubus Flowerpot Collection

Audo Copenhagen

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Herb pot, vase or a simple container. The possibilities are endless. Another addition to the Kubus collection, Kubus Flowerpots come in three different sizes: Flowerpot 10, designed by Soren Lassen and Sarah Abbondio; Flowerpot 14; and Flowerpot 23, designed by Soren Lassen. The container is deeper than the classic Kubus Bowl, making this a highly versatile storage item. As the name indicates, it was originally intended as a home for plants and flowers, but with its elegant geometric shape it will sit happily in any space as a standalone piece. The Kubus Flowerpot comes in two distinctive monochrome powder-coated colors enabling it to fit into the interior aesthetic of any style-conscious home. Place it on the table, window sill, on the garden table, on the patio, or hang it on the wall with the new universal fittings that give the Kubus Flowerpot a light, airy contemporary look. Like the other containers in the Kubus collection, this also comes with an insert that's recommended for planting.

Designed by architect Mogens Lassen in 1962, the Kubus collection of candleholders, bowls, centrepieces, vases, and flowerpots in different sizes and finishes have become absolute must have interior objects for design lovers. Precision and mathematical skill were essential to the design process and today, the entire collection is handcrafted to Mogens original and exacting specifications in Holstebro, Denmark.  

Product Info

Material: Powder coated metal. 

Care: Wipe with a soft cloth. Not suitable for dishwasher.


Flowerpot 10: 4"H x 4"L x 4"W

Flowerpot 14: 5.5"H x 5.5"L x 5.5"W

Flowerpot 23: 9"H x 9"L x 9"W

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