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Infinity Candle Holder, Large


  • 15900

Together with renowned design duo Bernadotte & Kylberg, Skultuna has created the Infinity Candleholder; - “With Infinity we wanted to create a never-ending play with light. By splitting a cylinder, we can place the light reflectors or shields any way we see fit according to the room and space in which they are". The different sizes and the fact that they aren’t attached will also provide the user with endless options for change – an infinity of variations says Bernadotte & Kylberg about the design. Founded in 1607, Skultuna has produced objects of the highest quality for both everyday use and special occasions for over 400 years. Always with the same sense of everlasting quality and design. 

Product Info

Material: Polished brass, polished brass and powder coating.

Care Instructions: Clean with a water-soluble brass cleaner when necessary, wipe dry with a soft cloth.


100 mm H x 100 mm D

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