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Design House Stockholm

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A room within a room for nature. Designer duo Atelier 2+ have created a greenhouse that is small enough for indoor use but large enough to house a miniature garden. The Greenhouse is a design object with artistic ambitions, a sculpture that makes room for nature. Green plants are a neglected area which call for innovative design solutions; precisely what Greenhouse offers. Atelier 2+ place greenery on a pedestal and protect it with glass as the delicate and beautiful item that it deserves to be. Greenhouse is made from lacquered solid ash timber with panes of toughened glass and a planting tray made of galvanized metal. The wooden support reinforces the architectonic expression and converts it into a freestanding ornament in the room. The hatches can be secured in the raised position while one is working with the plants. From Design House Stockholm.

Product Info

Materials: Lacquered solid ash, panes of tempered safety glass, planting tray made of galvanized steel. Features hinged panels on both sides.


38" L x 16" W x 53" H, planting tray at 30" H

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