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Crooked Candle Stick

Normann Copenhagen

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Crooked Candlestick draws inspiration from the intersection of design, art, and architecture, with clear references to all three fields. The designer, Uffe Buchard, explains: “The word ‘crooked’ has many meanings. To me, the most important is the idea of being a bit odd. I personally adore the unconventional – whether related to people, design, architecture, fashion, or art. It’s about not conforming to the norm. It’s about standing out. The things and beings that stand out are important for our development and our way of viewing the world.” Crooked is unconventional and odd in more ways than one, which makes it a multifaceted object in the home, constantly changing character depending on the angle from which it is admired. Crooked is a sculptural piece and a candlestick in equal measure. Uffe elaborates: “The candlestick is meant to tease the senses. I hope it will initiate conversations. Crooked demands attention and wants to be seen. In that sense, it has inherited a bit of my own spirit. It is an extension of myself. In this way, you could say it’s a very personal product for me,”. From Normann Copenhagen. 

Product Info

Material: Painted aluminum.

Construction: Crooked Candlestick is crafted from aluminum using a sand-casting technique. The candlestick is then polished and painted. Crooked holds one candle and is available in yellow, grey, or warm grey.

Care: Use dishwashing detergent, wipe with a soft cloth or sponge. Dry thoroughly with a dish towel. Please be aware that sharp objects can leave marks. To avoid potential damage to the product, the flame must be extinguished before the candle burns all the way down, and the candle wax melts into the candle holder.


12.8 cm H x 22.5 cm W x 13.7 cm D

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