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Calm Kelim Rugs, Runners and Mats

Ferm Living

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The Calm Kelim Rugs redefine traditional kelim craftsmanship by infusing them with modern colourways and patterns. The rugs are handmade and the 100% wool yarn is hand-dyed, making each rug unique. The weaving is done on a 'Punja' loom, using a traditional and manual loom technique that is one of the oldest in the world. The Kelim weave yarns have a unique, coarse feel that bring an added element of tactility to the rug, which is characteristic to traditional kelim rugs. By Ferm Living.

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Product Info

Material: 100% wool.

Care: Vacuum clean only. 


mat: 50 cm W x 70 cm L

medium: 140 cm W x 200 cm L

large: 200 cm W x 300 cm L

runner: 80 cm W x 200 cm L

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