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Bridge Tray

Design House Stockholm

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A tray that will collect sparse objects on the floor or on a table. A little table in its own right that will create order in any busy space. Does a table require legs, one might wonder? Not at all. Vice versa, could a tray have legs? Yes, but a rim with slits instead of legs, all according to Carina Seth Andersson. Her Bridge Tray will be as content on the floor, brought outside, to another room, resting on a specially designed pouf, or on a table. A flexible piece of furniture that facilitates the use of any space. Bridge Tray sits a little bit up from the floor, and you easily grip it thanks to the slits. A tray that doubles as a small table. The tray was originally born in Taiwan where Carina Seth Andersson along with five Swedish designers was invited by NTCRI (the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute) to create contemporary interpretations of traditional Taiwanese lacquer art. Now in finely grained oak plywood that evokes a finely crafted Scandinavian natural look. From Design House Stockholm.

Product Info

Materials: Matte oiled oak veneer.

Care: Gentle hand wash, or wipe with a damp soft cloth.


16.5" W x 3.7" H

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