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Børge Mogensen Canvas Chair


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The Canvas Chair is a sustainable design, where material, shape and functionality is calibrated to equilibrium. Designed in 1970 by Børge Mogensen as one of his last pieces before his untimely passing in 1972, it is composed by clearly recognisable materials and shapes. Linen canvas is used for the seat and back suspended between conic pieces of solid oak – as the soft counterpart to an angular, almost constructivist base in solid oak. From Fredericia.

Please note - prices shown are entry price-point for fabric only. Please inquire for full range of upholstery options and corresponding prices.  

Product Info

Material: Lounge chair of solid oak wood with soap, light oil, or black lacquer finish and canvas. Interchangeable seat and back made of 100% linen canvas in black or natural. Technical fabrics available upon request. 

Care: Vacuum-clean often, preferably once a week, with a soft mouthpiece at medium suction. Like all other objects, upholstered furniture attracts dust and becomes dirty. However, you should be aware of not allowing the upholstery to get too dirty, as it will make the subsequent cleaning more difficult. Refer to specific recommendations for chosen fabric for further care recommendations. 

Guarantee: Fredericia Furniture A/S offers a five-year guarantee against manufacturing defects in standard products (materials and construction). Wear and damage to covers, surface treatment, inappropriate use and the like are not covered by the warranty.


74 cm L x 65.5 cm W x 76 cm H, seat height 37 cm

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