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Bjork Rug

Design House Stockholm

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Designed by Lena Bergström, the Björk rug is based on a weft in wool combined with leather edging. The expression in the woven structure is inspired by the black and white trunk of the birch tree (‘Björk’ in Swedish) and the leather represents the inside of the bark. The marbled effect in the colour of Björk is created through intertwining different coloured wool yarns in the weft. Wool is known not only for its softness, but also for its built-in resistance to soiling thanks to its natural oils. Björk is woven by hand and as such is a piece of craft and therefore the appearance can differ from product to product. The whiteness of the wool yarns can also differ depending on what time of year the sheep are sheared. From Design House Stockholm.

Product Info

Materials: Weft in 100% wool, warp in 100% cotton, edging/handles in 100% leather.

Care: When cleaning the rug we recommend using a qualified rug specialist. Small stains on wool may be removed with water. If creases appear, steam the rug with steam iron while flat.


Small: 51" L x 28" W

Runner: 99" L x 32" W

Medium: 95" L x 67" W

Large: 118" L x 79" W

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