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Basket Rug

Design House Stockholm

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Designed by Lena Bergström, Basket Rug is entirely made by hand and has a reminiscence of old-time hand woven baskets. The special technique of hand-tufting runs in different directions to enhance the three-dimensional feel of Basket. Several threads in different shades create a lustre that adds dimension and enhances the woven effect. The rug is carefully cut by hand into a tromp l’oeil graphic pattern that pays homage to Swedish handicraft traditions such as birch bark baskets and rucksacks. Sharp angles and soft transitions play the roles in a shadow play that is both illusion and reality. From Design House Stockholm.

Product Info

Materials: Hand tufted carpet 100% wool. Cotton backing.

Care: Vacumm clean regularly to remove particles in the wool. Spots can be removed using a clean cloth with lukewarm water. Do not allow the wool to become soaked. We recommend using a qualified rug specialist for cleaning. 


Small: 71" L x 71" W

Medium: 94" L x 73" W

Large: 96" L x 96" W

XLarge: 118" L x 96" W

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