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Marble Plinth Collection

Audo Copenhagen

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A tribute to the beauty of marble, the Plinth Collection is equal parts beautiful and timeless. The marble plinth is a sculptural piece in its own right, as well as a sophisticated platform for whatever objects rest upon it. The honed marble carries an air of sophistication and elegance to elevate any space. Now offered in five sizes including low, cubic, tall, and the newly introduced pedestal and bridge, in a range of natural marble colours. Designed by Norm Architects.

Product Info

Materials: 2cm thick marble plates are cut and edges are milled in 45 degree angles before all plates are glued together in miter joints. Corners are reinforced by reusing excess marble from the production. Bottom plate is made from plywood where adjustable glides are fastened.

Care: Wipe with a soft cloth.


Low: 39.3" w x 23.6" d x 10.2" h

Cubic: 15.8" w x 15.8" d x 15.8" h

Tall: 11.8" w x 11.8" d x 20.1" h

Pedestal: 11.8" w x 11.8" d x 29.5" h

Bridge: 39.3" w x 13.7" d x 14.9" h

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