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Hide Storage Pouf

Normann Copenhagen

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Hide Storage Pouf is a versatile, multifunctional piece of furniture that is a bit more resourceful. At the heart of the Hide Storage Pouf is its material composition. Crafted from PET felt, this remarkable fabric is made from post-consumer plastic bottles that undergo a transformative process where they are extruded into fine polyester fibers, which are then carefully pressed to create a durable and aesthetically pleasing felt material. The design ingeniously incorporates the concept of hidden storage. The seat of the pouf holds up to 120kg and cleverly doubles as a lid that can be easily removed, unveiling a spacious hollow space inside. This feature allows you to conveniently store toys, blankets, cushions, or any other items you wish to keep close at hand, while maintaining a clean and clutter-free living area.

Hide Storage Pouf can be used for numerous uses as suggested by its name, which perfectly encapsulates its purpose and functionality. Use Hide for additional seating, as a storage solution, for kicking your feet up while lounging on the sofa or as a soft coffee table. Designed by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen. 

Product Info

Material: Recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate).

Care: The PET Felt surface may be cleansed with water. To remove stains, gently dab the area with a dry cloth while the material is still damp. Avoid rubbing the surface as it may harm the material or produce excessive pilling. Allow the surface to air-dry naturally. It is advisable to utilize professional cleaning products for cleansing the PET Felt surface. However, we recommend testing these cleaning agents on an inconspicuous area first. Regular vacuuming of the PET Felt surface is recommended to eliminate dust particles. To prevent damage to the material, it is advisable to keep the pouf away from heat sources such as heaters, fireplaces, and hair dryers.


small: 39 cm H x 52.5 cm D, seat holds up to 120kg

large: 39 cm H x 72 cm D, seat holds up to 120kg

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