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Nova Throw Blanket, Brushed Lambs Wool

Nova Throw Blanket, Brushed Lambs Wool


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A decidedly modern and handsome blanket featuring a traditional diamond pattern and blanket-stitched edges. Woven from 100% lambs' wool and brushed for extra softness the Nova throw is a perfect cozy layer for relaxing on the sofa, reading in your favourite chair, or draped across your bed. The exceptional commitment to sustainability taken by Klippan in their manufacturing practices ensures products of the highest quality, destined to become your future heirlooms. From Klippan, the Swedish wool experts since 1879. 

Product Info

Material: 100% brushed lambs wool. Lambs wool is from the first shearling of a sheep at around the age of seven months. Lamb's wool is softer and more elastic than adult wool. 

Care Instructions: Machine wash at 30⁰ Celsius or dry clean. Use only a program made for wool. Wash separately & iron on low temp. Do not tumble dry or use bleach. Wool has excellent natural dirt resistance which makes it unnecessary to wash it often. The wool cleans itself and it is repellent to dirt as the dirt stays on the surface due to the natural oils in the wool. A nice care tip is to let it air outside when the air is moist but obviously not raining. If you still need to wash the blanket/throw please carefully follow the instructions.


130 cm x 180 cm

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