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Zet Storage System Upholstered Back Panel

Audo Copenhagen

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The Zet Storage System invites experimentation with physical form. The intuitive, minimalist and modular shelving system has been thoughtfully designed to balance order, convenience and style in a range of spaces. Based on just two components – wooden U-shaped shelves and a metal frame construction defined by diagonal Z-struts – further customizable with corresponding display shelves and back panel that allow you to play around with functional combinations to create precisely the look you want. Easily assembled or disassembled and relocated wherever you want, Zet is as versatile as it is simple, shaped from materials selected for beauty and endurance. Designed by Kaschkasch. *This listing is for the Back Panel only. Zet Storage System is sold separately*

Product Info

Materials: Back panel made from tsca mdf and textile. 

Care: Vacuum frequently.


Back panel: 14.57" H x 59.45" W x 0.63" D

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