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Special Edition Scented Candles


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The scented candle series is developed by Skultuna together with a Stockholm based, fine scented candles company named Candelize. The aromas and fragrances in the scents are passionately designed and created together with some of the worlds leading Perfume Houses in France and Switzerland. Hand poured in Stockholm, Sweden the candleholders are made from spun brass plate and can be repurposed when the candle has been finished. Come packaged in a gorgeous gift box. Founded in 1607, Skultuna has produced objects of the highest quality for both everyday use and special occasions for over 400 years. Always with the same sense of everlasting quality and design. 

Product Info

Material: Brass, natural wax and parfum. 

Care Instructions: Never leave a burning candle unattended, place on a heat resistant surface when lit.


Sacred Incense - a soft and powdery blend of musk, sandalwood, rose and aromatic lavender, citrus and bergamot

Blackwood - an intense and smoky blend of cedar wood and spicy clove leaf, topped with elements of rose and jasmine

Dry Vetiver - a fresh and bright blend of citrus, mint and pepper combined with woody vetiver and a moss and cedar base


9 cm h, 300 g, approximately 70 hour burn time

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