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Vines Hanging Decor


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More durable and flexible than real leaves these paper botanicals are a fun and creative way to bring the outdoors in. A special coating that resists UV rays also makes each vine flexible and reusable allowing a variety of configurations from garlands and wreaths, to window decor or room divider panels. Loops at the top of each vine facilitate connection to other vines or surface mounting. Sold in a pack of 18 vines in 6 different shapes - available in white or spruce. Designed by Adrienna Matzeg & Laura Carwardine  for Umbra. 

Product Info

Material: Laminated paper with UV protective coating.


18 vines per package of
6 vines 16.5" x 2.75"
6 vines 14" x 2.75"
6 vines 11" x 4"

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