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Kubus Vase, Lolo

By Lassen

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Kubus Vase Lolo was originally designed by Søren Lassen in 2014, but was launched in celebration of by Lassen's 10th anniversary 2018. The vase is a natural extension of the series, which has already seen the creation of the Kubus Line candlestick and Kubus Bowl to add to the original Kubus Candleholder. Whether it stands alone or as part of a collection of items, it looks crisp yet feminine when filled with light, colourful blooms. With its simplicity and precision, it also has a strong enough aesthetic to make a statement all on its own. Flower divider included. Flawlessly made in Denmark by By Lassen.

Product Info 

Material: Laquered steel
Cleaning: Wipe bowl and frame with damp cloth.


12 cm x 12 cm x 24 cm

metal frame profile width: 6 mm

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