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By Lassen

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K-Block is a statement piece in your interior design, that catches the eye and turns an otherwise commonplace item into an interesting design object in your kitchen. The minimalist block can be used for a variety of purposes, and the removable insert lets you store your knives for easy access while you cook. If the insert is removed, you will have a beautiful container for ladles and other cooking implements, that you can keep next to the stove. K-Block is designed with inspiration from the sleek expression of the Kubus candleholder. The box itself is made from CDF and melamine, which makes the knife holder water-resistant to any watermarks that may occur. The removable insert can also be put into the dishwasher, which makes the block easy to clean. K-Block comes with 4 pads, that can be placed under the bottom of the knife holder to avoid scratches on counters and tables. Pair your K-Block with by Lassen's Frame boxes or the iconic Kubus Vases that also can be used for your kitchen items.

Product Info

Material: Melamine, steel.

Care: Wipe with a soft cloth.


9.4''H x,4.7''W x 4.7''L

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