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Blink Wall Clock


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Use Blink to add a unique, decorative touch to your living room, kitchen, den, bedroom, entryway or office. The clock mechanism operates on a quartz clock movement that ensures precise and maintenance-free time measurements. Blink’s metal time indictors and the number 12 mount individually to the wall with easy to stick 3m adhesive and the clock mechanism mounts with a screw or nail. The size is customizable depending on your preference, however if you aren’t feeling adventurous, Blink does include a preset wall template. All you need is 1 AA battery (not included) and you are set. Designed by Edward Lee and Adrienna Matzeg for Umbra.

Product Info

Material: Plastic, adehsive, quartz clock mechanism.


39.25" W x 39.25" L x 1.4" D

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