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By Lassen

It is by Lassen’s vision to share the Lassen brothers’ design legacy with the coming generations. The Lassen brothers were among the first architects to work with Functionalism in Denmark. The style became a defining characteristic, especially for Mogens Lassen, and he was clearly ahead of his time in the way that he perceived buildings and designs. His architecture featured square shapes and unique arches, large windows, and open kitchens as we know them today.

Both Mogens and Flemming Lassen kept their own studios where they ran their businesses and participated in competitions with their unique designs. They both would go on to achieve great honors, gain acceptance in the academic architect circles, and garner a lifelong wealth of awards and recognition for their work within design and architecture. For many years, Flemming Lassen also worked with Arne Jacobsen, and together they designed the award-winning Søllerød Town Hall and won an exhibition at the Forum with their ‘House of the Future’.

The Danish National Art Library has an extensive archive of hitherto unknown designs and architecture by the brothers. Many of the furniture designs were only made once for the particular building or home they were created for, so to this day, pieces still come up at auction that were never put into production. The Lassen brothers’ archive of architecture and furniture design represents the finest qualities of the Danish design tradition and deserves a wider audience. To that end, we carefully and humbly select the furniture designs we choose to reintroduce to the world to hopefully live a long life in the homes of future generations as beacons of the Danish design tradition that has inspired so many design talents.